The Timeless Trendy Pearls

When I think of pearls, the only thing I think of is classic and elegant. Since the early days of Rome, this beauty has become a symbol of wealth and status. In medieval Europe, they were regarded as religious symbols of purity and chastity. In the past, pearls have always been the favorite of all women. They immediately showed a charming and elegant appearance. Pearls are related to the royal family and charm. Because of their rarity and beauty, pearls have long been the object of longing. Latest Jewelry

So let me tell you, how a pearl is formed?

Trendy PearlsUnlike other gemstones formed deep in the earth, pearls are formed in water; they are the only gemstones made by living organisms. Pearls grow in oysters and mussels. When a small piece of coral or a small piece of living creature accidentally attaches to the skin of the oyster, in order to protect itself from irritation, the oyster will cover the intruder with a nacre, which is the smooth, shiny substance that makes up the pearl. It is not so incredible how this precious and unique gemstone is formed.

However, it is difficult to find real pearls. There are very few opportunities to form, so they are now artificially made, also known as artificially cultured pearls. The formation process is basically the same, but the stimulation is artificially added to the skin of the oyster. Nowadays, due to the artificial manufacturing method of pearls, we can find many changes in the shape and color of pearls.

Trendy Pearls Jewelry

Trendy PearlsNo matter on any occasion, you can find pearl jewelry that suits your style at any price. They are a classic, elegant, timeless symbol, and a symbol of a woman with good style and taste. Pearl has become an essential accessory in any woman’s wardrobe. Wear a classic round white pearl chain necklace to create an avant-garde look; put three or more strings of pearl necklaces of different sizes. This year’s Chanel, Dolce, Gabbana, and Michael Kors fashion shows all admired the pearl, making it the next big thing. So, for that super charming fashionista look, please wrap yourself with thick pearls.

Signing off with a special style tip, while choosing your pearls, just remember the golden rule for pearl matching. Light beads go well with dark dresses, and light dresses go well with dark beads.

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