Genius jewelry care tips, every woman should know

Indeed, the glittering light will never exceed the wish list of fashion-obsessed women. She may have a box full of jewelry, but when she saw a beautiful necklace or a pair of beautiful earrings, the world knew that no one could stop her from owning it. Most women are equally focused on storing, cleaning, and maintaining jewelry. For those who are not, here are some convenient tips –

Diamond Jewelry

Genius jewelry care tipsWoman’s BFF! Diamonds are the most expensive and therefore require the most care and protection. Some tips and tricks –

Since diamonds with claw-shaped settings or claw-shaped settings are more likely to fall, they must be checked from time to time. And repair as needed.

It is always recommended to remove diamond ornaments while working in the kitchen. Continuous exposure to heat may discolor the gloss.

One of the best solutions for cleaning diamonds at home – mix warm water with ¼ cup of ammonia. Immerse the jewelry in it for 15-20 minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to wipe off the dirt.

Pearl Jewelry

Genius jewelry care tipsPearls are beautiful and gorgeous, and they really need extra care, because they are the most delicate, because if not handled properly, they may discolor or scratch. Here are some tips:

Never store your pearls in plastic bags. Swear by airtight boxes instead.

Chemical substances, especially perfumes, hair sprays, or body lotions, are the main causes of pearl discoloration. Therefore, the next time you use these products, you will know that you need to put the pearl jewelry away first.

Chlorine, to is harsh on pearls. So just remove them before you are going to a take a dip in the swimming pool.

Gold Jewelry

Genius jewelry care tipsAlthough not as refined as silver, if it is not handled well, gold does lose its luster. What you need to take care of –

Clean your gold jewelry with mild detergent and warm water at least once a week.

Ammonia or chlorine is harmful to gold because they weaken the metal. Therefore, do not make the two touch each other.

You can always trust white vinegar to clean gold. Place your jewelry in a white vinegar bowl for 15-20 minutes. Just scrub with a soft toothbrush!

Does your gold jewelry have gems? Avoid using alcohol-based liquids to clean them.

Silver Jewelry

Genius jewelry care tipsSilver has high reactivity and is more prone to chemical reactions than any other metal. What you need to do –

Store it in a sealed box or zipper pouch, never in cardboard, paper, or wooden boxes.

Do not store with any other metal.

Use ordinary soap and water to clean your silver jewelry at home.

In order to make the surface of the bowl sparkle, please line the aluminum bowl with aluminum foil. Add hot water and then a mixture of baking soda and salt-one teaspoon each. Place your silver jewelry in this solution for 25-30 minutes; then you will be sorted.

Ready to make the most of your favorite accessories, isn’t it? Let’s go, sparkling!

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